Fotos dos bastidores de Nevermind

Fotos dos bastidores de Nevermind

Você provavelmente nunca ouviu o nome dele, mas certamente conhece seu trabalho.

Kirk Weddle é o fotógrafo responsável pelas sessões de fotos embaixo d’água para o álbum Nevermind, do Nirvana. Fruto de seu trabalho, temos a icônica foto da capa com o bebê.


Confira, nas palavras de Kirk, como foi aquele dia, em julho de 1991.

“I wish I could take credit for the concept of the album. I think Robert Fisher and Kurt came up with the idea. It’s a very strong concept, a baby underwater, unable to breath, going after the almighty dollar.”

“This was kind of a low budget job. I had never heard of Nirvana. Not many people had. I was on my own to get the image. Some friends of mine had just had a baby, and they are brave and open people, so I asked if I could photograph their son Spencer. He was four months old and had never been in the water. I set up a camera on a tripod underwater and practiced with a doll. I had a lifeguard in the water right next to the camera. Rick [Spencer’s father], tucked little Spencer in the water and gave him a push toward Renta [Spencer mother]. I shot about 10 frames as he peacefully drifted by. Renta pulled him out and we shot one more round and he began to cry. So we quit. I shot that image on half a roll of film.”

Meses depois, em novembro do mesmo ano, Kirk fotografou Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl e Krist Novoselic em outra piscina para utilizar as novas imagens em materiais de divulgação do álbum.


“The shoot was a headache; bad weather, bad swimming pool, cloudy water. Kurt was a couple hours late and then went right to sleep at the side of the pool, and nobody wanted to wake him up.”








Para quem se empolgou, aí vai uma palinha…

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